10 Best Foods to Eat Post Workout for a Healthy Body

After a good and intense workout, you’re cruising high on a feel-good situation. Now it’s time to refuel your body and give what it’s lacking in terms of nutrients.

However, one must understand why a proper diet is essential after a workout. During an exercise session, energy stores (glycogen) are collapsed, muscle tissues are worn-out, and fluids along with electrolytes are adrift through sweat.

Post-workout nutrients are essential not only for replenishing the muscle glycogen depleted from physical requirements but also to ensure a speedy recovery. Further, consuming an exercise recovery meal helps stimulate protein synthesis to repair and build new muscle tissue and restore fluid and electrolyte balance, that’s why you have to choose the correct meals to help things along.

What you’re going to have after a workout is very important, but you shouldn’t ignore the timings.

According to experts, it’s suggested to consume 20-30 grams of lean protein and 30-40 grams of healthy carbohydrates 30- 45 minutes after training.

So, now let’s begin with the best 10 meals you should have after a workout to make your exercise more effective.

In Carbohydrates, you can take:

  1. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato is ideal as they contain copper, which can help maintain healthy muscle tissue and replenish energy levels. They also have vitamin C which helps to prevent muscle catabolism (the breakdown of muscle tissue).

  1. Quinoa

Quinoa is a great source of healthy carbs and plant-based protein. It’s also high in magnesium and iron, which helps to promote protein synthesis.

  1. Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk refuels muscles as well as it has a higher concentration of glycogen than any other sports drink.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal helps in replenishing the muscles. It would be the greatest invention as it contains fiber, carbs, and proteins.

  1. Dark, green leafy vegetables

You can have lots of fun with it as you can add lots of veggies, add a little salt and pepper and you’re yummy- yet- full- of- antioxidant salad is ready.

In Protein, you can take:

  1. Plant-based protein powder

Your body does need extra protein for which you have to consume protein powder.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt, specifically the Greek variety, provides portable protein and calcium, two nutrients that enhance your post-workout recovery.

  1. Soy

Soy contains all the 9 essential amino acid, which helps in reducing cholesterol. It also helps in reducing the muscle overload from lactic acid.

  1. Milk

Milk contains mainly two proteins namely- Whey proteins (20%) and Casein protein (80%). The difference being that Whey is easily digested while Casein is quite hard to digest.  It provides immense strength to the body.

  1. Pea

Pea contains protein which is rich in essential amino acid that helps in regeneration of muscles. It reduces the fat content in liver and kidney.


In order to gain all the benefits from your hardcore exercises, it’s very important to have a proper planned meal. Not to forget one thing… that is… stay hydrated. Don’t forget to have plenty amount of water as your body loses a great amount of sweat and thus needed to refuel.

Treat your body wisely and enjoy every bit of your journey to be healthy!

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