Benefits Of Tea & Coffee

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Are you more of a coffee or tea person?


Coffee and tea are must-haves for people all over the world. For most people, it’s the first choice they make when they start their day. Whether they are reaching for a hot cup of coffee or a steaming mug of tea, their beverage choice sets the stage for a productive morning and one needs it just to get through the day. It brings you together with friends and family or else you drink it for relaxation purposes, the necessities of the two drinks are evident in our society. What many people don’t realize is that both coffee and tea have their own unique set of health benefits—not just for your body, but for your health as well as skin too. And those benefits may be available in a supplement rich in these rich flavours that are delectable and healthy together. Tea and coffee, regular and decaffeinated, can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways, from plain brewed drinks to chilled, flavoured tea, chai lattes, espressos, cappuccinos, and many more. 

Taste preferences aside, which is the better choice for your morning and workout routine? Here are some of the benefits of the two most popular pick-me-ups—whether you’re sipping away, using one as a topical treatment, or for your workout regime.

No matter where your allegiance lies, it’s easy to find plenty of reasons why your drink of choice is the best option for your health

In the perfect cup of coffee, one can also benefit from:

  • Memory loss prevention
  • Decrease risk of certain cancers
  • Provides energy
  • Alternative for a pre-workout
  • Alleviation from constipation and other IBS symptoms
  • Aid to prevent dehydration
  • Prevention from Type 2 Diabetes
  • Decrease chance of gout in men over 40
  • Protection from liver cancer and cirrhosis
  • Decreased likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

In the perfect cup of tea, one can also benefit from:

  • Anti-Inflammatory antioxidants
  • Prevention and management of arthritis
  • Prevention of memory problems and cataracts
  • Prevention from Type 1 Diabetes
  • Decreased chance of heart attack
  • Protection of the teeth from the fluoride found in the drink
  • Lower levels of the stress hormone –Cortisol

With all of the added benefits one can receive from drinking coffee and tea, it is also important to be mindful of what you’re adding to those drinks. Adding too much cream, sugar and other added flavour boosters can add on tons of extra calories so next time, just add a light amount or nothing at all. Although tea and coffee are “magical” in many people’s eyes, they should not be considered as magical medical cures, they simply have beneficial characteristics.

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