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All about Kids Wellness

In raising a healthy child, it’s not enough to just focus on the mental aspect of health. To raise a healthy child physical, mental and emotional health should also be strengthened and nurtured but they cannot achieve optimal health alone and are dependent upon adults in the family and community to provide them with an environment in which they can grow, learn and nurture themselves successfully. The lack of sufficient amounts of nutrients affects their health, function, physical, mental and cognitive development throughout the life cycle of the child. A well balanced diet is important for health, growth and development of children that includes dairy and dairy alternatives, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein and iron rich foods such as nuts, nuts butter, legumes, beans, lentils and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamins D that controls the absorption of calcium and aids in the development of bones and teeth, helps to build immunity and minerals are important for growth and development and are crucial for their health.

The food consumption habits of the children changed during the last few decades, and they now consume too much unhealthy foods rich in fats, especially saturated fats, and sweetened beverages over a well-balanced diet and usually lack the essential nutrients such as protein, fats, carbohydrates, fibres, vitamin and mineral and reach at the peak risk of deficiencies such as iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency, calcium and magnesium deficiency. They also face problems regarding eye sight, lack of energy and immunity, weak bones and teeth and may need a supplement to recover.

 So, Fitspire and family are taking several steps for the improvement in overall health and wellness of children. Our goal is to have an outstanding, vibrant health free of diseases with a positive and wellness attitude. Our products such as immune booster, teeth care, energy bars, vitamin supplements, iron and zinc supplements are under consideration and will be launched soon.


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