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What they say?

Breakfast is an important meal  that furnishes energy for the day.

What we believe?

Breakfast as a fact, could be unhealthy and may lead to gain weight.

We all know the proverb “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar”.

But is there any truth behind this?

You all deserve to be treated like a king, also eat breakfast like a king…but that does not mean that you will nurture yourself with an unhealthy breakfast full of carbohydrates and fats. A healthy breakfast should be fresh, vibrant and rich in protein, whole grains, fibres, fruits and vegetables that offer the best nutrients to kick off the new and energetic day. A good mix of colours flavours and savours are the pillars of a healthy and delicious breakfast that helps awaking and boosting of the body.

Why you should consider eating a breakfast?

There are two main reasons why you should always consider eating a breakfast: firstly it’s purely biological and secondly due to ones behaviour.

1) Biological

In the morning, after a good sleep and long fast, the body needs new fuel to energise so as to reach its peak of the physical, mental and professional performance. So, choose to have a nutritious breakfast!!!

2) Behavioural

Leaving home without having eaten the breakfast, will strike up to eat more during the day time and may lead to overeating and hence weight gain will be enhanced. Many different researches show the positive influence regarding eating breakfast to maintain a balanced relationship with food and health across the day.

But feeding soon after waking up spikes up the insulin level and may lead to gain weight…WHY???

When we wake up, the stress hormones (cortisol) in our body is at its peak and causes the body to be resistant to insulin, due to which the blood insulin level rise higher post breakfast more than post lunch or dinner.

But we aren’t asking you to skip breakfast, just do this:

Once you are awake and off the bed, have a glass of warm water or you may add lemon and honey for the soothing flavour in it, it helps to cleanse the system and also prepare the system to digest food easily throughout the day…

“Health and Wellness is associated with happiness. When you are happy and healthy you will feel the changes in your mind and body, that ties a knot into being healthy, eating well, and exercising regularly. It also ties into being excited about things – like getting up in the morning and having a healthy and mindful breakfast


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